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Amazon Prime Deals With NFL Prime

Amazon Prime Deals With NFL Prime

Amazon’s Prime Video gets exclusive rights to NFL ‘Black Friday’ game in 2023

This post was originally published on November 25, 2016, and was updated on November 29, 2016, to add new information.

On Sunday morning, Amazon revealed exclusive deals on NFL Prime games like ‘Black Friday’ will kick off this upcoming weekend.

Amazon will have exclusive rights to host the popular Amazon Prime Video NFL games like ‘Black Friday,’ ‘Super Bowl Sunday,’ and ‘Monday Night Football’ for the next three years.

Amazon first announced the deal last week, and will kick off the deal beginning December 1st this year. It will allow Prime members to stream unlimited Prime Instant Video movies and TV shows on any Amazon Fire devices over a Prime membership.

It’s a huge win for Prime members as there will be two big weekends this year. The first is Black Friday when Amazon is selling everything, from electronics to beauty products. Amazon will offer “Black Friday Prime” that will let members watch three days worth of the NFL games and access to Amazon prime Music, Amazon Video, Amazon Video On Demand, Amazon Music Unlimited, Amazon FreeTime, Amazon Echos and more.

The second is Super Bowl Sunday when Amazon is selling every kind of electronics and home goods, as well as an assortment of products made by Amazon, like Amazon Fire, Amazon Echo, Fire TV, Fire tablets, Fire phones and more. Prime members will be able to watch the games on Amazon Fire TV set-top boxes, Echo speakers, Fire tablets and other devices.

Amazon Prime subscribers will only be able to watch the game on their TVs over their Prime membership as there is only one game on Super Bowl Sunday, and there are only five games for Black Friday. We know Amazon is only selling a limited quantities of NFL games on its Prime Video and Prime Music service.

Prime members will be able to watch the NFL games this weekend over their Prime membership.

For those interested Amazon has also revealed that Prime

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