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Climate Action Response Coalition Calls on UN Secretary-General to Cancel Kanye West’s UN Climate Change Conference

Climate Action Response Coalition Calls on UN Secretary-General to Cancel Kanye West’s UN Climate Change Conference

Corporate America is canceling Kanye West’s scheduled appearance at the 2016 United Nations Climate Week. And they made it clear why.

In a statement, the Climate Action Response Coalition, along with other environmental groups and individuals, sent a joint letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon asking him to cancel Kanye West’s appearance at the UN Climate Change Conference, scheduled for November 12 and 13. The coalition and individuals signed on to the letter include:, World Resources Institute, World Wildlife Fund, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and the Rainforest Action Network.

The group’s letter calls for an immediate cancellation of the event and an investigation into the circumstances that led to the cancellation, accusing the event of “widespread and systematic violations” of international cooperation and human rights.

In the letter, the group stated the conference was “a gross violation of UN human rights law.”

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The coalition letter states:

The Climate Action Response Coalition called on the Secretary-General to consider canceling or postponing his climate change conference and inviting the rapper as keynote speaker. We have grave concerns about the events for the following reasons:

• This conference has the explicit purpose of promoting a market-based approach to reducing climate change by facilitating business practices that promote environmentally unsustainable corporate practices, such as increasing the use of fossil fuels, mining and fossil fuel extraction, and building on the current unsustainable and climate-damaging structures that serve the extractive industry’s economic interests and the carbon industry’s profit and loss structures. These structures and practices are in conflict with international human rights laws.

• The conference’s agenda, which was initially developed without an assessment of the global impact of climate change, has been changed over the years to support extractive industries’ continued operation.

• The United Nations conference has the specific purpose of ensuring that the United Nations General Assembly’s decision of adopting a resolution supporting the UN Decade for Science is maintained. This has never been done, as the resolution has repeatedly been amended and withdrawn.

• The conference’s agenda is further developed to address current and anticipated

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