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Matt Smith: The Man Who Made House of the Dragon

Matt Smith: The Man Who Made House of the Dragon

Matt Smith is ‘House of the Dragon’s’ ‘agent of chaos.’ And he’s loving every minute

The new season of House of the Dragon has already been on the air for three weeks. So far, it’s been an insane roller coaster of a ride. House of the Dragon is a hit. It has become the most watched show on basic cable with a full week’s worth of regular episodes and has also been renewed for a second season!

But what about Matt Smith himself? A lot has changed since we first met him on this site back in December. He has grown up a lot, so to speak. In addition to the new series, he’s appeared and will appear in a few of the most popular films of the year including the new James Bond flick, Skyfall. (He talks about that one in a future post!) And he has also done quite a bit of acting in other projects that we thought you’d really want to know about.

I had the great honor of meeting this truly incredible man in January. So in case you haven’t been keeping up with him lately, let’s set the record straight.

Here’s one of the highlights of his story. In June 2000, while he was living in Montreal, the man who would eventually become Matt Smith was getting a haircut. He went to the barbershop and asked the barber, “What’s the greatest superhero movie of all time?”

The barber replied without missing a beat, “How about Spider-Man?”

Smith then explained to him, “I want to be like him. I want to be a super hero. But I need to make sure that my mom and dad’s name never comes up when I’m talking to teachers” (note: Matt’s mother is Barbara Smith.)

So while he was growing up and going to public school, he always carried a poster with his name on it. Now, when he walks into a classroom, his name is one of the first to be called out.

During our chat, Smith explained to me that his mom’s name had been on a poster in high school, too

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