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McDonald’s Donuts Are Not Glazed

McDonald's Donuts Are Not Glazed

Some McDonald’s will now sell Krispy Kreme donuts without the chocolate glaze.

And no, they’re not “glazed” on the outside, with an overpriced caramel drizzle.

In fact, while these donuts are glazed, they’re not a traditional Krispy Kreme donut.

No, these beauties are made with only real, all-natural, high-quality ingredients, including bananas, whole-wheat pastry flour, and natural sweeteners such as pure maple syrup.

They’re sweet, but they’re not glazed, and only a portion of the recipe is sugar or sweetener.

The donuts are coated in a sweet and tangy glaze, which keeps the donuts soft and chewy after baking.

All of this isn’t very surprising to McDonald’s, which already sells an alternative to the standard glazed donut, known as “Krispie Treats.”

These treat donuts don’t melt in your mouth, and they’re baked with real butter.

McDonald’s, however, is still giving the recipe away, and I’m not surprised.

I love McDonald’s donuts, but I think all donuts on the planet must now be made with real ingredients.

I realize, that being the voice of reason in the world of fast food means I have to eat McDonald’s, but I think I could live with just a few donuts from McDonald’s, made with real butchers’ meat and a touch of real butter, if they would only make them at home.

And, maybe, if they just made them in a really good, well-ventilated kitchen (not a basement).

But, because they’re going to make them in a fancy place that will charge you for a parking space in the back of a building with a view of the parking lot, I doubt I’ll see them anytime soon.

And that’s too bad.

I just can’t stand not knowing what’s in my food, so I am happy to know that there is now a better donut than the traditional glazed, coated-in-butter-with-sugar treat.

We are in a food revolution, like the one in France and the one

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