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Redlands County Board of Supervisors Lifts Evacuation Orders

Redlands County Board of Supervisors Lifts Evacuation Orders

Some evacuation orders lifted in San Bernardino County towns hit by debris flows

San Bernardino County officials lifted evacuation orders in two northern and two southern communities on Monday.

Officials lifted the orders in the area around Hilltop and Redlands. Hilltop residents were told to find shelter and remain inside their homes while the Redlands order meant those residents should move to the Redlands Memorial Arena with other Redlands residents if they do not have a shelter.

Many residents had been told to evacuate due to rising water levels in their homes and flooding in their backyards.

The evacuation orders for Redlands County were lifted Monday.

Residents of the area of Rockville were told to take shelter overnight to prevent being driven away by rising water levels. Residents were told to move to Redlands County.

Two other communities in the same area, in Lake Elsinore and Sierra Madre, were placed under mandatory evacuation orders. Residents were told to find shelter or go to Redlands.

A large portion of the surrounding area was still under mandatory evacuation orders due to the number of flood-related deaths, including a two-year-old boy, who was swept away by floodwaters along Highway 163 near Ocotillo Springs in the San Gabriel Mountains.

The Redlands County Board of Supervisors voted Monday night to allow the evacuation order for Rockville to be lifted for the foreseeable future, after the county and the California State Water Resources Control Board agreed to review the situation on Monday.

All evacuation orders for the area around Redlands were lifted at 7 p.m.

The order for Redlands, which covers the eastern half of the city, was lifted at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday.

In addition, the Redlands County Board of Supervisors voted Monday night to provide a grant to Redlands Unified School District to increase the space available for classroom and library studies.

The board approved a $1 million grant for kindergarten through fourth grade classrooms. The remaining amount of the grant will help

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