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The 2019 Pan American Games in the Dominican Republic

The 2019 Pan American Games in the Dominican Republic

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Tennis at the 2019 Pan American Games

PAN AM games and other sporting events such as the Pan American Games are a big deal in the Dominican Republic. Tennis is definitely the most popular sport.

This year, the country has seen quite a few players compete in the various events of the Pan American games, which is set to take place in the country starting in July.

Dominican Tennis Open in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic Photo: Getty Images

The events being held in the country will be in a variety of sports. These include women’s volleyball, athletics, boxing, mixed martial arts and beach volleyball.

Some sports will be held in more than one location, like beach volleyball in Santo Domingo and the Pan American Games in Puerto Plata.

The events this year will also be held in the region of Bávaro in Cibao in the Dominican Republic and some of the games will also be in the southern part of the country, near the country’s capital of Santo Domingo.

These games will be held in the same weekend as the Pan American Games and will serve as a test for the players in hopes of qualifying for the games that take place at the end of the year in the Dominican Republic.

The winner of this one games will be able to qualify for the Pan American games in December.

It is definitely a big deal to see all of the countries participating in these games and it’s something that will be seen across the world.

“It’s going to be a very important Pan American Games in the country,” said Alex Diaz, a 21-year-old student of the University of Santo Domingo.

“It’s going to be very interesting because a lot of the cities from the countries competing in the games are in other cities of the Dominican Republic and I think that’s going to be very exciting as well.”

Diaz does hold five Grand Slam singles titles, including one title at the French Open in 2015. He also holds a doubles Grand Slam title, as well as several other titles. He even played at the Olympics in 2016 as the male doubles player of the Dominican Republic team.

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