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The Night I Met Michael

The Night I Met Michael

Encore: When Two Open Marriages Collide

“I could have lived without that,” says Julie, in a quiet, matter-of-fact voice. “I could have thrown my life up in the air and let it go. We were going to spend the rest of our lives together.”

Then Julie paused, as if her thoughts had reached a standstill, and took a deep breath. “But you know what? I wanted you so badly that I didn’t care who you were. I didn’t care if I was the one who married you or if I married you at all.”

Julie and Michael met in high school, when Michael was in his early twenties, and Julie was in her early twenties. They were both engaged, but Julie was pregnant with twins. Michael was married with two young children. They had dated off and on, and they would go all night at a party to make out on each other’s faces. But Michael had never been happier than when he was with Julie, and so did not want to end their relationship. But then Julie was injured in a bike crash, and after a year of no contact Michael was forced to make a decision: Move on or see Julie again. He chose the former, and now Julie is single.

The morning after their last night together, the pair were awakened by a knock at the door. Mike pulled on sweats and a T-shirt that said “Inner Love.” As he opened the door, he looked down the hall and saw Julie standing there. He could hardly believe it. He threw on a pair of jeans and a jacket, and followed Julie into the living room.

“I almost died the night we met,” Julie said. “I remember everything from that night when it was all new, that we had just spent a week together, and

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