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The Walking Dead Season 10 Finale: The Governor

The Walking Dead Season 10 Finale: The Governor

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One of the great things about The Walking Dead being a show about a small-town serial-killer drama is that you’re never sure which side of the fence you’re on. And while it hasn’t been a series that has had a ton to say about the sociopaths who drive Michonne and the others (aside from the inevitable ‘don’t trust them’ mantra that comes at various points), it certainly has been about moral ambiguity. And now, a two-part storyline that has been airing on The Walking Dead since the spring of 2014 has finally revealed another side of Michonne’s character.

And it’s a side that’s quite different from what she’s been up against before, as her character finally reveals her first glimpse of the darkness lurking inside of her.

In The Walking Dead season 10 finale, “The End,” Michonne reveals to Rick that she suffers from posttraumatic stress disorder after being forced to take part in a mass escape attempt against The Governor’s men on their way to a prison. In the aftermath, Rick and Daryl spend the night trying to recover, but ultimately they run into the enemy, the Governor, who has his men waiting on them at the prison, and ends up shooting them both.

With all that drama in the air, Michonne and the gang had been wondering what was really going on with the Governor back at the prison. It turns out they’re sitting there as zombies in the middle of the night—and that was only the first of the revelations.

Here are the three biggest revelations that took place in The Walking Dead season 10 finale, “The End.”

1.) The Governor is not, in fact, the main villain of the show, as much as it seems like he is.

Despite all these hints that “The Governor” was not the only villain roaming around the prison, the finale still didn’t reveal that the Governor is a villain.

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