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The Winter Weather Forecast for March

The Winter Weather Forecast for March

Cooler temperatures — and maybe some showers — headed to SoCal this weekend.

The winter weather will continue through the week, ending with a sunny Saturday and an afternoon and evening dip into some rain showers, but overall, the weekend looks pretty tame.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, a good time to do the “I Spy” thing in Orange County is Thursday, when all eight major cities will be open. (We’ll bring you the rest of the weekend updates as we get them.)

More details on the weekend weather:

FRIDAY: The latest forecast for the weekend says we’ll start out dry. The National Weather Service has issued a high temperature of 92 and a low of 75 for Friday, with the high near 83 and the low near 75. For the rest of the weekend, we look for a high of 93 in Malibu and a low of 72 in Marina del Rey.

SATURDAY: The latest forecast for the weekend says that the dry weather continues and we could see another showery day. Today, the high will be 81 and the low will be 72. Saturday night could bring a little bit of rain, and it’ll be cool on Sunday. For the rest of the weekend, the high is expected to climb to 90 and the low is expected to be 71.

SUNDAY: We could see some sunny skies on Sunday. The high will be a little warmer, with the high expected to close out the weekend at 80 and the low to be 74.

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SATURDAY: So we’ve had a long warm weather run, and now it’s looking like it cools for an evening dip into rain. Saturday night will be around 60. Sunday evening is expected to see a bit of rain.

More details:

For Sunday:

High temperatures tonight will be in the low 60s, with a high of 64 in Santa Ana. Monday night is expected to be in the upper 50s. Tuesday night could be in the low 40s.

For Monday:

Tuesday morning is looking like a mix of sun and rain as the morning clouds drop to the south

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