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The World’s Most Important News

The World's Most Important News

Kenya ‘a beacon of democracy’ in East Africa, says expert

By Reuters : November 27, 2011 09:00 am

The University of Nairobi. Kenya’s education minister, Sam Ongeri, speaks during the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Kenyan Ministry of Education and the University of Nairobi on Nov. 17 in Nairobi. Ongeri said the deal could be extended to all the public universities.

Opposition groups and the United States have accused the United Nations peacekeeping forces of failing to maintain security in Darfur, saying they are overstretched, poorly equipped and undermanned, and say military support is not what is keeping the fighting at bay.

An international coalition of 15 African countries has launched an airlift to save millions of people threatened by drought, with the United States announcing a $5 million contribution to the relief effort and aid agencies providing assistance.

On the eve of a major climate summit in Johannesburg, South Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo reported that some areas were on the verge of an unprecedented drought as a result of the El Nino weather phenomenon.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, fighting for the control of the Goma region between rebels from different factions is intensifying, according to the United Nations.

In Darfur, heavy fighting between rebels who say they are fighting for a greater Darfur region between Sudan and South Sudan killed more than 50 people on Friday, as the death toll from the conflict spirals towards 200, including 60 Sudanese.

By John Byrne, BBC News, Nairobi :

Rival rebel groups in Darfur are at war with each other, but at the same time, they are fighting the Sudan People’s Liberation Army in both the northwest and the southwest, the worst of the worst conflict in Darfur.

A United Nations report says that the situation in Darfur is “so grave that it constitutes a threat to global stability and security” – an assessment that has been endorsed by the United States and Britain, among others.


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